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Effective Ways to Help a Domestic Violence Victim

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Domestic violence is one of the most common phenomena, and the victims are primarily women. A good enough remedy for domestic violence is proper support. You can help a victim by giving her emotional support, whereas a domestic violence attorney can help legally. 

If you know anyone who is a victim of domestic violence and planning to help her, this article can help you a lot. Consider reading it and act accordingly. 

Save some time and talk to them

If you can understand that a person is exposed to domestic violence, you can consider talking to them. Women who are exposed to it carry some warning signs like busted lips, black eyes, pale face, etc. Moreover, you can observe some behavioural changes in people who are domestic violence victims. Generally, they stay isolated, talk less, and remain apologetic.  

The primary gesture to such victims can be a bit of interest to start a conversation. Try showing your compassion to the person; however, do not force them to initiate the conversation.

Never judge a domestic violence victim 

You must never judge a domestic violence victim as it can lead to more complications. Always remember that helping such a person means providing her support. 

The best you can do is listen to the person and try consoling her in all ways. If you are someone close, there are more chances the person would say more things to you. You can ask questions to clarify but never point at her directly. 

Give valid suggestions

As a person providing support to a domestic violence victim, you can give proper suggestions like confronting the nuisance or taking legal support. You can also suggest the victim take assistance from a domestic violence attorney


If you sense that the level of violence is severe, try convincing the victim to take legal support. At first, the person might turn down your suggestion but, later she might go for it. 

Another thing you should suggest to a victim is the correct time to call the police. Police intervention can be the quickest remedy to any type of domestic violence, but a victim might fear it due to a lack of confidence. 

Set up a safety plan

If a domestic violence victim allows you to create a safety plan for her, you should execute it without fail. A safety plan will help the victim to avoid such situations happening times and again. It can also give her the guts to file a divorce from her partner in the worst-case scenario. 

Final Words

A domestic violence attorney can help a victim well enough; however, the person often neglects the issue and takes her fate for granted. If you want to help a victim, try manipulating her to visit an attorney. You can book an appointment with one of the victims who allows you to do so. Always remember that the right amount of support to a victim can help her make the right decisions in life and improve it timely. 


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